Apple pie stuffed pork loin

So for todays cook I took inspiration from Susie at @heygrillhey and my man Nick @greekwoodfirekitchen as he always makes the best pork loins hands down. Essentially I took the apple pie filling idea from Susie and applied it to rolled stuffed pork loin obviously using a variety of additional ingredients shown in my recipe on my blog including that awesome “fancy french vanilla” from Savarrysmokebbq we are giving away tomorrow.

To stuff a pork loin you have to make it stuffable first. That involves cutting a pork loin lengthwise, almost all the way through. You want about a half inch of meat at the seam. Once you’ve cut the pork loin, lay it seam side down on a piece of wax paper, and then put another piece of wax paper on top of it.

You’re going to flatten out the pork loin using a meat tenderizer. Pound out the meat until it’s an even thickness throughout. After you’ve pounded out the meat, where it’s about 1/2″ thickness all around, then it is time to add the following…see blog for remaining recipe.

1. I started with covering the inside of pork loin with the fancy french vanilla rub from @savvoryamokerb

2. Then is spinkled in couple of teaspoons of ground cinnamon

3. Next I used 1/4 brown sugar to sprinkle atop the other ingredients atop the loin doing my best to cover the entire loin

4. Finally I used apple pie filling that was spread among three sections of the loin

5. Finally I wrapped the loin then began to tie this accordingly and I have to warn you this step will get crazy messy but in the end worth it for this cook.

After this was wrapped I covered in sweet heat bbq rub around the entire loin then I wrapped in butcher paper and allowed to sit for about 40 minutes while I started the Primo and did some other prep work. FYI that apple filling sauce also makes great binder

Once I was able to get the Primo around 250 I placed the pork loin on indirect side and allowed to smoke until internal temp reached 145 degrees (about 2 hours) which was perfect for us but feel free to take as high a 155 internal temp. Just remember to allow the meat to rest for at least 12-15 minutes before slicing and serving. Also don’t forget to take the twine off the wrapped pork loin before slicing.

Then serve with desired side…we used steam yellow squash marinaded in itailian dressing but there are tons of side dish options for this dish
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