Pan Fried Halibut Steak in lemon sauce

If you know me at all, you know I never pass up a great sale especially on food. I found some amazing wild caught halibut on sale, so then I just had to figure out the rest. Below are the ingredients for this cook and recipe.

4 – 6 oz Halibut steaks or fillets
1 cup mango orange juice
extra-virgin olive oil
gustusvitae “this thing of ours” garlic pepper
1/2 cup of flour

1/2 cup of white wine such a Chardonnay
1 lemon, juiced and 1 tbsp of zest
1 cup of heavy cream
8 Tbsp (1 stick) unsalted butter

Begin by marinating the Halibut in zip lock bag for at least 4 hours but as long as 24 hours. Take the fillets out pat them dry with paper towel and then rub with olive oil and season with gustusvitae “this thing of ours” garlic pepper seasoning and allow to rest while you get the grill started medium high 400-425. Place the fish in the skillet and pan sear the halibut in vegetable oil over medium heat cooking in total 8 to 10 minutes for each inch of thickness, turning the fish halfway through.

Grilling the Halibut:
Get grill to medium-hot between 400-425. Then put on iron skillet and add 1/4 cup of EVOO with 1/2 stick of butter to use for cooking the fish. Let the skillet/oil preheat to prevent the fish from sticking.

In a small skillet simmer wine uncovered over medium heat until reduced by three quarters. Stir in lemon juice and lemon zest, then stir in the heavy cream. Remove pan from heat. Whisking continuously, add pieces of butter slowly until the sauce is creamy and whitened. Incorporate the butter without letting it completely melt.

Transfer to warmed individual plates with angel hair pasta and put a generous spoonful of the Lemon butter sauce on top of the dish.

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