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Cherry Smoked Short Ribs

So I decided to smoke some beef shorties I found on sale but with a fun twist that turned out amazing. I started by rubbing these down with threelittlepigs touch of cherry mesquite rub which is awesome by the way. Then started primoceramicgrills until it reached 250. Then I added pan of underneath the ribs with cherry juice and water. Then created a spray combo of cherry juice and evanwilliams cherry bourbon to use as spritz for for these short ribs, while smoking with cherry wood chips and charcoal indirect. Once internal temps reached 165-168 range I pulled off and placed in pan with cherry coke, more cherry juice and some more cherry bourbon, covered with double aluminum and cooked direct until they reached 202-205 internal temp

You may be thinking too much cherry but honestly those ribs took the color and flavor perfectly and served with baked sweet corn bread for an amazing combo…even my son was seriously impressed.

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