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Faijita Burger

So trying to take faijita friday to another level using those 1/2 l lb burger patties from porterroad costarring my rub. Started out with rubbing those patties down with my rub then cooking these bad boys on the blaze products out door grill using kochcookware iron skillet for the veggies that included red and green bell pepper with some red onion. Then grilled those amazing beef patties that are aged for at least 14 days, and mixed with the right ratio of fat.

Then I topped these burgers with pepper jack cheese slices, along with the grilled green and red bell peppers with red onions. Then topped with some fresh pico de gallo and some siracha ketchup. Also served with crinkle baked fries with queso cheese with chopped roasted jalepenos and some more pico de gallo for an amazing faijita Friday meal.

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