Blackberry glazed Salmon with Caeser salad

Decided to make a fun flavorful healthy salmon dish. I cooked this meal on my koch cookware iron skillet atop on the everdure by heston blumenthal portable grill from bbqguys. Below is how this cook went down for reference.

1. Marinated the salmon with voracious market sweet fish sauce for a few hours
2. Removed salmon from zip lock patted dry and seasoned with gustusvitae #kentuckykick along with that voracious market chili salt
3. Set-up grill with prime six Charcoal and once heated up placed salmon atop pineapple plank and two orange slices on top
4. Then served with a flavorful blueberry bourbon glaze as shown below with my version of a Caesar salad.

Pineapple Smoked Wings

Sharing some smoked wings I made the other day for and was certainly happy with the results.
1. Cleaned and dried off the chicken
2. Cut into smaller drummets and wings
3. Seasoned with Bourbon smoked paprika
4. Started blaze products kamado grill for indirect cook with prime six Charcoal
5. Place wings on indirect side and smoked until they reached 150 internal temp
6. Tossed with homemade pineapple favored barbeque glaze that is shown in video below.
7. Waited until internal temp reached around 178 before pulling off and resting

Cast Iron sea scallops

I decided to take a break from meat and dive into to some cast iron scallops along with some pearl couscous, which by the way is one of my favorite sides. Essentially marinated the scallops in orange mango juice along with some malibu rum for a few hours. Drained and patted dry before seasoning with that kentucky kick along with that vanilla orange honey salt from gustusvitae then I used a apricot based sauce. As always let me know what you think and sincerely appreciate all the support!

Sirloin Steak with mushrooms and bacon wrapped Brussels

Oh yeah it’s freaky Friday. I wanted to share a sirloin steak I found on sale and seasoned with that new Flavorgod steak chop seasoning, combined with some mushrooms and brussel sprouts wrapped in bacon for one amazing meal. Below is how this cook went down.

Seasoned steak with new steak chop seasoning from flavorgod and allowed to rest.
Started the Everdure grill from BBQGUYS with Prime Six Charcoal
Cooked up the bacon wrap scallops first using the Koch cookware iron skillet
Added butter and some chopped mushrooms to soak up some of that bacon juice
Finally seared the sirloin steak about four minutes each side
Pulled and allowed to rest for 12 minutes before slicing.

Sirloin Steak with mushrooms and Bacon wrapped Brussels
Sirloin seasoned with steak and chop from flavorgod

Smoked Beef Ribs

I always enjoy smoking beef ribs an cook certainly did not disappoint! I certainly believe each cook gets better. Below is how this cook went down.
1. Trimmed fat of the top of the rackĀ 
2. Removed membrane from back of ribs
4. Seasoned with butchers blend and this thing of ours part II from Gustusvitae along with bourbon smoked paprika and bourbon smoked black pepper
6. Then I used my new food saver to vacuum seal the flavor in overnight.

Started the morning with getting the Blaze Products kamado set up indirect with that killer Prime Six Charcoal along with some post oak chunks. Once temp reached 275 I placed the ribs on indirect side for a nice low and slow smoke with a pan underneath filled with water and beef broth. OnceĀ  internal temp on ribs reached 167 I then pulled ribs off, then double wrapped in butcher paper. Then raised cooking temp to get up to 300 and continued to cook indirect until internal temps reached 205. I then allowed to rest for an three hours before serving with some cowboy baked beans. As always let me know what you think and may you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Smoked Beef Ribs with Cowboy Beans
3/4 of the way in on smoked beef ribs
Initial Smoke on the Blaze Kamado
Sealed in food saver
Seasoned with gustusvitae seasonings along with bourbon smoked paprika and bourbon smoked pepper