Pineapple Smoked Wings

Sharing some smoked wings I made the other day for and was certainly happy with the results..1. Cleaned and dried off the chicken2. Cut into smaller drummets and wings3. Seasoned with Bourbon smoked paprika4. Started blaze products kamado grill for indirect cook with prime six Charcoal5. Place wings on indirect side and smoked until theyContinue reading “Pineapple Smoked Wings”

Candied Peach Butter Bourbon Baby back ribs

When I make ribs I just have a hard time using the same technique, same recipe, same sauces. I decided to cook based on strictly temp without wrapping and I used my own homemade glaze instead of your average sauce and I must say by far the best ribs I had to date. I callContinue reading “Candied Peach Butter Bourbon Baby back ribs”

Pork Rind Panko Fried Pork Chips with jalepeno cheese grits

I am definitely digging these incredible pork rinds panko crumbs from BaconSheir. I decided to make another southern home made dish starting with some amazing thick pork chops on sale. Essentially I started with egg wash using the ingredients noted below, then used the pork rind bread crumbs to coat these chops before frying upContinue reading “Pork Rind Panko Fried Pork Chips with jalepeno cheese grits”

Country Fried Steak Fingers

Well if you need one more Superbowl snack idea I highly suggest these buffaloed country fried steak fingers with country gravy is a classic southern comfort dish that is guaranteed to please! How about some good ol’ comfort food, Southern style? Well that’s what we have here. FRIED STEAK Fingers: 2 pounds of flatiron steakContinue reading “Country Fried Steak Fingers”

Smoked Salmon and Buffalo shrimp

I was tasked with creating a fun dish to pair with that unique french vanilla rub from @thesavorysmoker so decided to add in with flavor profile for grilling a full salmon filet on wine soaked cedar plank which turned out really good along with some smoked buffalo shrimp. It was certainly flavorful meal and anotherContinue reading “Smoked Salmon and Buffalo shrimp”