Smoked Beef Ribs

I always enjoy smoking beef ribs an cook certainly did not disappoint! I certainly believe each cook gets better. Below is how this cook went down..1. Trimmed fat of the top of the rackĀ 2. Removed membrane from back of ribs4. Seasoned with butchers blend and this thing of ours part II from Gustusvitae along withContinue reading “Smoked Beef Ribs”

Faijita Burger

So trying to take faijita friday to another level using those 1/2 l lb burger patties from porterroad costarring my rub. Started out with rubbing those patties down with my rub then cooking these bad boys on the blaze products out door grill using kochcookware iron skillet for the veggies that included red and greenContinue reading “Faijita Burger”

Smoked Peach Bourbon Pork Loins

So plan was to make an amazing peach butter bourbon spiral ham for my colleagues at work…well guess what I could not find any at local grocery. So like any good Marine I decided to improvise and it all began with couple of pork loins. Then I used caribeque honey heat rub on one loinContinue reading “Smoked Peach Bourbon Pork Loins”

Cherry Smoked Short Ribs

So I decided to smoke some beef shorties I found on sale but with a fun twist that turned out amazing. I started by rubbing these down with threelittlepigs touch of cherry mesquite rub which is awesome by the way. Then started primoceramicgrills until it reached 250. Then I added pan of underneath the ribsContinue reading “Cherry Smoked Short Ribs”

Smoked Cherry Bourbon Glazed Ham

Well if you know me at all you know I like creating new flavorful dishes and of course on Easter it was no exception. I started with 9lb bone in spiral ham. Then started the creative process which started with rubbing down the ham with Tennessee mojo BBQ rub along with 1/4 cup of brownContinue reading “Smoked Cherry Bourbon Glazed Ham”